Director of IBAKH and Iraqi Managing Directors, Istanbul, October 24, 2011.

Investment in Al Anbar(the largest Iraqi Province) this year(2011) had reached $2 billion in the sectors of housing, agriculture and industry, a number that is expected to double in the coming months as a result of the planning by Al-Anbar Investment Commission to establish multiple industrial cities in Ramadi, Anna and Hīt.  Al-Anbar Investment Commission announced 2nd Annual International Investment Conference(October 2011 - Istanbul/Turkey) and IBAKH participated in this Conference. The Conference opened new horizons for an all-out investment in Al-Anbar, the largest Iraqi Province, in various sectors, especially in the fields of oil and natural gas. Major local, Arab and international investment companies were taking part in this conference to take advantage of these rare investment opportunities now available in Al Anbar, and the unprecedented incentives offered by the Iraqi government to investors.
IBAKH learned about the various industrial projects expected to be launched in the industrial cities of Al-Anbar, which announced during the conference. Al-Anbar is a promising investment attraction because of its outstanding geographical location near Baghdad and its border with three countries, which appeals to investors to create new and competitive markets. The Province has adopted long-term investment strategies aiming at employing the unique resources and assets of Al-Anbar, a city renowned for its well-established and diverse industrial activities.