The physical model of ILISU Dam and Hydro-Power Plant Project

IBAKH GmbH has participated in Engineering Supervision of the Fabrication and Erection of Hydro-Mechanical Equipment in ILISU Dam and Hydro-Power Plant Project in the Southeastern Turkey since end of April 2012. This project is under construction(84 months turnkey design and construction contract) by consortium led by Turkish civil construction company. The main Dam is CFRD (Concrete Face Rockfill Dam) of 135 m height and 1,820 m length and cofferdam has 30 m height to protect the main construction zone. The total storage capacity is 7.4 billion m3, to feed powerhouse which has six vertical Francis Turbine-Generator sets consisting governors, 5100 mm Diameter Butterfly valves and excitation systems to produce 3,833 GWh of annual peak electrical energy. 

The Hydraulic Energy-Carrying Penstock has Diameter of 10 m and total weight of 6,630 ton. The powerhouse has two cranes of 250 / 15 ton lifting capacity. Each vertical Francis Turbine has Runner Diameter of 4300 mm and its output is  204 / 222 MW (rated / maximum) at Design Head of 110 m and rated speed of 187.5 rpm. Total weight of each Generator is 795 tons and its heaviest component is rotor of 449 tons. Its Stationary Winding Diameter is 10500 mm. Each Generator has rated output of 223 MVA and output voltage of 13.8 kV at the same rated speed of vertical Francis Turbine. There is one horizontal Francis Turbine(runner diameter of 848 mm) as Auxiliary unit which has output of  4.5 MW / 5.5 MVA at the same Design Head of main units (110 m) and higher rated speed of 750 rpm.

19 Single phase step up transformers(Output of 223 / 3 MVA and Voltage Ratio of 13.8 / 380 kV) will supply the electricity at 380 kV.  Also two Coupling auto-transformers(Output of 250 MVA and Voltage Ratio of 154 / 380 kV) will supply the electricity at 154 kV. Output Electric Power of Transformers will be transmitted to the switchyard(Double busbars with transfer bus) through a short power transmission line of 900 m length and later will be fed to national electric power transmission grid from this switchyard through  21 bays at two voltage levels of 380 kV(13 bays plus three spare) and 154 kV(8 bays plus two spare). The estimated weight of steel structures for towers and portals is ca. 700 tons.
After detailed inspection of Diversion Tunnel Outlet Gates(From Dicle Dam) and hard working on Fabrication and Erection of relevant embedded parts in diversion tunnels and missing the dry tests(in both inlet and outlet), the Tigris river is diverted on 28.9.2012 through three diversion tunnels, each with 12 m diameter and approximately 1,000 m length to ensure a dry construction zone. Two tunnels will be closed by concrete plug. The third one will be operated as Low Level Bottom Outlet. Immediately after river diversion, the construction of powerhouse drainage gallery and installation of its relevant piping started which followed by transferring the fabricated penstock segments from site fabrication shop and erection in power tunnels and powerhouse. Site Fabrication Processes are controlled and relevant Engineering Supervisions are performed properly.