Director IBAKH, Business Development Manager and Technical Manager SeWa, in Power Plant of Industrial Factory, Nigeria, West Africa, November 15, 2011.

Following the strategy to penetrate the West Africa market in the Energy sector, IBAKH (International Engineering-Bureau, Switzerland) and SeWa (Steag Encotec West Africa, Nigeria) have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at furthering joint cooperation in Power Plant Industry and Technology(2011).   The memorandum, which was signed by IBAKH Director  Yousef Asadi-Khiavi and SeWa Chairman John Appleby, is the first formal cooperation agreement between these two entities.    Later IBAKH Director had a Technical visit in one of Gas Turbine Power Plants in West Africa accompanied by Business Development Director and Project Manager of SeWa.     IBAKH and SeWa will work together for future power plant projects in West Africa by providing integrated services for the, repair and overhaul of industrial and aero turbines and related components and accessories (IBAKH) and carrying on the business of the provision of engineering consultancy as well as operations and maintenance services to the energy and power generation markets (SeWa).