IBAKH (International Engineering Bureau)

Engineering Services in the field of Emissions Reduction in Combustion:

  1. Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition

  2. Advanced Hydrogen Combustion

  3. Sprays in Combustion

  4. Combustion Generated Nanoparticles Analysis

  5. Hydrogen Enriched Lean Premixed Combustion

  6. Co-Combustion of Bio-Mass

  7. NOX Emissions reduction technologies

  8. Oxy-combustion for collecting CO2-rich flue gas

Engineering Services in the field of Post Combustion Treatment as well as after treatment for Emissions Reduction:

  1. Carbon capture(capturing CO2 from the flue gas)

  2. Flue-Gas Desulfurization (remove sulphur dioxide from exhaust flue gases)

  3. Dry Sorbent Injection(moderate sulphur dioxide reduction on coal fired boilers)

  4. Filtration to reduce Emissions, Particle filter testing, Certification of exhaust pollutants after treatment systems

  5. Filtration to reduce Emissions in Pyrolysis and Gasification Plants

Engineering Services in the field of Quality control systems:

  1. Micro/Nanoparticles Diagnostics(Soot, NO2, Dioxins/Furans, PAH, Nitro-PAH, Sulphuric acid aerosols, Metal oxide (Ash) particles, mineral fibres, etc.)

  2. Reduction of toxic components

  3. Emissions Monitoring that Utilities continuously measure emissions in exhaust

Regional assessment of potential emission reductions of NOx, SO2 and CO2:

  1. Feasibility Study

  2. Sensitivity Analysis

  3. Economic Study