IBAKH (Int' Engineering and Procurement Bureau)

Functional Safety (FS) Engineering, Design and Analysis 

Partnering with SCAIPRO LLC for Premier Functional Safety Training and Consultancy Services

IBAKH provides following engineering and consultancy services in the area of Functional Safety, comprising theoretical and practical knowledge gained from extensive experience of design, build, FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests), erection and installation tests as well as Dry, Wet, De-Energized, Energized, Cold and Hot commissioning tests:

  • Failure Mode based Functional Safety Analysis of High Pressure and High Temperature Equipment based on advanced ASME codes and standards.
  • Functional Safety Analysis of road vehicles in design phase to avoid potential hazards according to ISO 26262 as general standard and ISO 3691-4 as specific standard for Automated Guided Vehicles.
  • Detailed analysis of failures and/or faults of machines (Diesel Engines, Gas and Steam Turbines), mechanisms and structures which may lead to hazard and application of the principles of Functional Safety in design and manufacturing to eliminate hazard or reduce the risks resulting in Safety Integrity Level (SIL) or Performance Level (PL) based on international codes and standards such as ISO 13849 and IEC 62061.
  • Hazard & Operability (HAZOP) studies comprise the first part of the IEC 61511 Lifecycle as Process Hazard & Risk Assessment (PHRA) phase.
  • Producing the SRS (Safety Requirement Specification to be compliance with IEC 61511 following PHRA) in design and audit phase or Functional Safety Assessment (FSA).
  • Consultancy on product certification to be compliance with Functional Safety Standards, including FMEDA (Failure Modes Effects and Diagnostic Analysis) development.
  • Consultancy and engineering services covering all phases of the safety life cycle, such as LOPA and SIS Design for a variety of industrial projects, such as refineries, petrochemical complexes, chemical plants.
 IBAKH is planning to provide engineering services in the
  field of Functional Safety of Electrical, Electronic and
  Programmable Electronic Safety-related (E/E/PES) 
  systems according to IEC 61508 including Safety Integrity
  Level (SIL) as well as relevant following training services
  through collaboration with SCAIPRO LLC, a renowned
  provider in the field of functional safety. Their expertise
  and services are an integral part of our commitment to
  delivering the highest standards of Functional Safety
  Training and Consultancy. 

  SCAIPRO LLC as an accepted course provider of the TÜV
  Rheinland Functional Safety Training Program, SCAIPRO
  offers comprehensive courses for FS Engineers and FS
 Technicians. These programs are led by certified TÜV
  Rheinland Functional Safety Expert and are available
  globally, tailored to meet specific client needs, both onsite
  and remotely:                                                                    Functional Safety Training Program scaipro.com
  • TÜV RHEINLAND Functional Safety Training and Certification for Engineers and Technicians. TÜV RHEINLAND is a globally recognized Functional Safety Leader Organization:                               TÜV Rheinland | TÜV Rheinland (tuv.com)
  • On-site tailored training for enhancement of the Functional Safety expertise of Engineers and Technicians
  • Training course is rich with practical examples drawn from the process industries, including Hydrogen and Oil & Gas projects. 
  • Participants of our technical course will gain an in-depth understanding of SIS engineering, delve into the complexities of standards like IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, and acquire knowledge about the certification processes for IEC 62061 and ISO 13849.
  • We invite individuals who are looking to advance their careers and achieve professional recognition through a globally esteemed Functional Safety training and certification program to contact us for this valuable educational opportunity.
  • SIS Lifecycle Deliverables: From consultancy and engineering to implementation, covering all stages of the Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) lifecycle.
  • Functional Safety Assessments (FSA): Independent assessments conducted by seasoned FS experts.