IBAKH (International Engineering Bureau)

Our Mirco- and Nanoscale Engineering Services focus on our clients' issues, opportunities and requirements which include but not limited to the following items:

1-Vacuum Systems Design, Simulation, Supervision and Maintenance Engineering for Industry and Academia: 

-Vacuum systems in deposition Processes in various industries such as Micro and Nano-Mechanical Device and Watch Industry. 

-Vacuum system in Synchrotron light source for various applications such as X-ray crystallography and Photolithography.

-Vacuum system in Nanotools such as SFM, SEM, STM ad TEM.

Note: Additionally we provide design and maintenance services to Vacuum systems in other sectors and industries(Macro) such as Packaging, Printing, Automotive and Food industries, Double Stage High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machines as well as leakage test of Industrial Equipment such as Electric Power Transformer.

2-Design and Fabrication of Components & Systems, Packaging, Measurement and Control in Micro- and Nanoscale such as Sensors, Actuators and Positioning Systems:

-Static/Dynamic Design and fabrication in Micro and Nanoscale systems, components and devices, such as Sensors, transducers , actuators, Micro-/Nanopositioning Systems, Micro-/Nanocontrollers and relevant Microtechnical processes such as deposition, Sputtering, Wet etching and Doping, System Integration, Instrumentation & Packaging, Design of Advanced Wafer Bonding Processes, Nanoassembling, Failure Analysis in Micro- and Nanoscales,  Analysis and simulation of Plasma, Analysis of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers and its application in Micro- and Nano-positioning,  Analysis of atomic layer thin-film deposition for MEMS/NEMS, Simulation of the thin Film Nucleation, Growth and self-assembly, Engineering applications of Silicon, Analysis of Phase Diagrams, Stability and instability analysis of thin films, Design of Diffusion barrier in thin film, Design and Design Review of MEMS and NEMS.

-Surface Functionalization and modification, Surface cleaning technologies, Surface Modification from Solutions, Laser modification of surfaces and Laser machining, Surface Functionalization through Topography, PVD / CVD Process engineering, Surface Functionalization through Nanostructuring(e.g X-ray), Micro- & Nanomanipulation (FIB, Laser, optical, piezo), Application of TEM, SEM. Transport Simulation and its application in Design of Microfluidic Device, Surface & Interfacial Chemistry, Deposition & Etching Techniques,  Development of devices for analytical applications, Nanoelectrochemistry, novel micro/nanoscale detection, and spectroscopic Instrumentation.

-Nanoenergy Engineering, Design of Nanotechnology-based renewable energy conversion and storage systems, Thin-film solar cell design and its life assessment, Particle Transport Engineering and its application in Design of Fuel Cells, Energy Transport and Conversion, Nanoscale ultrafast heat transfer, Micro heat pipe technology, Nanoscale Radiative Heat Transfer, Heat transfer analysis of phase change in Micro- and nanoscale and design of Micro/Miniature Multi-Phase Devices, Development of devices for clean energy production, Application of thermoelectricity.

-Applications of Nanophotonics(Engineering, Fabrication and Assessment), Thin-film photovoltaic cell design, Photonic integration technology and applications, Numerical Analysis and Engineering of Functional Nanostructures(e.g. Optical Nano Structures) for Applied Nanophotonics and plasmonics, ultrafast laser Technologies and Nanoelectronics, Application of Semiconductor devices for THz emission and detection, Analysis of Light with unique first and second order coherence properties emitted by super luminescent quantum dot diodes.

3-Design, Synthesis, Characterisation and industrial application 

of Nanomaterials:

-Surface Analysis by Nanotools, such as Real Space Imaging by AFM, SEM, STM and SNOM, Chemical Composition and Mapping, Spectroscopy/NanoSIMS.

-Application of Micro- and Nanomechanics for Characterization of Materials, Characterisation of Semiconductors, Ceramics, Polymers and organic material for optical, electronic, magnetic and optoelectronic (eg. OLED), Characterisation of structure and magnetism of materials and application of Nano-dots, residual stress measurement by XRD.

-NanoPowder Characterisation, by Nanoparticle Size Measurement, Image Analysis, shape analysis and X-ray Powder Diffraction.  Analysis of Specific Surface Area and Porosity, Assessment of Powder Milling systems. Particle Dispersion and Suspension Characterisation, Analysis of Dispersion mechanisms, rheology, surface charge and interparticle interactions.

-Nanoparticles characterisation, Application of Carbon nanotube/Nanowires technology for microsystems, Nanocomposite coatings for mechanical applications, Atomistic Modeling of Materials, Engineering Analysis of Liquid Crystals for opto-mechanical, photonic and electro-optic applications, Analysis of Colloids and Colloidal Assemblies for Advanced Materials Applications, Measurement of Thermophysical and Mechanical Properties in Micro/Nanoscale.

4-Design and Engineering Services focused on Medical 

Technology, Health, Nano-Pharmaceuticals, Nanomedicine, 

Nanotechnologies for Regenerative Medicine:

-Design and Characterization of Biofunctional Nanoparticles for medical diagnosis and Cancer Therapy.

-Tissue Engineering.

-Engineering Design of Nano-diagnostics Systems.

-Design and Fabrication of Nano-biosensors.

-Design and fabrication of Microfluidic and Pressure-driven systems for manipulation of chemical and biological species for Biomedical Applications, Cell Culture & Microcosms, Liposome, Polymersome, Colloidosome and Drug Delivery.

-Quantitative analysis of cell signalling and drug Action.

-Design and Analysis of Bioactive Surfaces.

-Analysis and simulation of Protein Dynamics from Water  Hydration to Crowding Effects.

-Assessment of Nanobiotechnologies and bioanalytical techniques.

-Application of Soft-lithography and Cell culture technology in biomedicine and Biofilms.

-Particle Transport Engineering and its application in Design of Cell Scaffolds.

-Engineering Design of Sustainable and Biocompatible Surfaces through advanced PE- CVD processes.

5-Application of Nano-technologies for Tera-Scale Engineering 


-Mirco- and Nanoscale Engineering in Large Distributed Systems, such as Autonomous wireless systems for security & environment(e.g. Air pollution models used in OpenSense), Applied nanopatterning using MEMS(e.g. stencil lithography), Applied Ultralow-power MEMS-based Radio for WBAN, Applied Impulse-Based Ultra Low Power Radio Communication Technology and Design of remotely powered RFID systems & sensor nodes dedicated to medical applications/E-health.

-Embedded System Design for Tera-scale Engineering Problems, such as Cyber-Physical Systems Challenge for Model-based Design, Expressiveness and Complexity of Real-Time Workload, Scheduling theory application for real-time Systems, Under-Determined Dynamic Systems, Cyber-physical systems with humans in the Loop, Many-core architecture for mixed-critical System, Parallelizing and Optimizing Compilation for Synchronous Languages for High-Performance Embedded Systems, Correct design of asynchronous software, Making trusted systems trustworthy, Dependable Sensor Networks, Wireless Physical Layer Security, Bio-Cyber-Physical Systems & Swarm, Thermal design of digital systems, Control of large networked systems such as goods transportation.