IBAKH (International Engineering Bureau)

Dams and Hydro-Power Plants: Hydro-Mechanical Equipment & Hydro-Machinery

Diesel, Gas Turbine, Steam and Combined Cycle Power Plants 

Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Bio-Energy and Pyrolysis Power Plants

Dam and Power Plant Engineering services include but not limited to the following items:

  • Supervision on Erection and Commissioning
  • Design and Design Review, Static and Dynamic Analysis
  • Operation & Maintenance Engineering
  • Inspection, DT and NDT, Failure Analysis, Life Assessment and Retrofit Study
  • Rotor Dynamic Analysis, Vibration Measurement and Interpretation, Performance Test
  • Seismic retrofit and application of devices for seismic protection
  • Rehabilitation of Dams (e.g. Heightening)
  • Engineering Analysis of Damage Mechanisms and crystallization in porous materials
  • Supervision on Inspection and Refrofit
  • Supervision on Design & Design Review
  • Technical Codes and Standards Advisory
  • Procurement of high quality products
  • Advisory in Finance and Investment
  • Supervision on Procurement
  • Supervision on Manufacturing